Oceanic Game,

"Enlarging curiosity, the world where imagination developed"

We aim at o,

"Way of oneself of life to produce the life for one's sense"

We will support o.





Oceanic Game

"5" horns business



1. Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine

  School business

 (American corporation international psychology study foundation authorization school)


  Centering on clinical psychology, counseling psychology to psychology counselor

  We can learn basic knowledge and skill to become.

  We open a course in school now in Tokyo, Okinawa, Hawaii.


  ・Psychology counselor training program

  ・Counselor love psychology training program

  ・Art therapist training program

  ・fashiriteta training program

  ・Center awareness theory

  We prepare for other large number of lectures.



2. Total beauty academy

  School business

   (American corporation international total beauty laboratory authorization school)


  Practical intensive lecture by specialist of beauty world

  We prepare.

  For oneself, we pursued the beauty for world woman

  It becomes lecture full of originality.


  ・Facial therapist course

  ・Body therapist course

  ・Nail specialist course

  ・Makeup course

  ・Beauty foods course

  ・Aromatherapist course

  ・Beauty KOLOR therapist course

  We prepare for other large number of lectures.



3. Beauty salon FC group R three business


  "R" of three to do mind and body wealthily (reset, rich, relax) in concept

  Franchise presents beauty salon.


  ・Beauty treatment salon

  ・Nail salon

  ・Hair salon

  ・school & counseling room

  ・Beauty foods cafe



4. Entrepreneur club administration business


  It depends on entrepreneur opening up the times for style & sense of each person

  We run membership system club for entrepreneur.

  We showed potential while polishing each other

  We will develop new business.


  ・Woman entrepreneur club / clear woman laboratory

  ・Male entrepreneur club / So-ten



5. Beauty cosmetics produce


  "Beauty" that is everlasting theme of woman "youth" "health care"

  Under the theme of "beautiful ☆ body" beauty cosmetics & beauty supplement

  We produce.


  Ultimate aging care "beauty alchemist series"

  ・Liquid cosmetics & lotion

  ・Hand GERRY

  ・Beauty supplement

  ・Decollete pack


  Diet & detox "R three series"

  ・Detox body oil

  ・Small face face-wash form

  ・Slim foot gel

  ・WEST shape gel