Oceanic Game



For "own sense

Own life


Way of life"

Let yourself be free




We do not know whether we should do what without motivation,

We suffer from love troubled with human relations that oneself has no confidence,

There is not money that work does not go well,

We do not see the future when style is bad,

It is uneasy, it is hard loneliness,

We cannot live like oneself with a sense of guilt,

Failure that is not reliable is scary. . .

All the people have trouble and are at a loss and conflict.

It is already the life worst!

It will be to have possibilities to want to give up in despair in this.

What is bad in such a case? Who is bad?

Stop it, how does it want to have oneself to look for?

Please ask about this.

What torment you, and bind you tightly

It is oneself who is not other whom.

It is oneself to blame you most in the world.

Before meeting you in point of trouble

It is still too early to give all up.

Please give oneself chance.

Your pinch is chance to leap by all means.





In beauty and psychology

Company which wrestles seriously 


■Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine

Serious lecture to become professional psychology counselor, therapist who can learn clinical psychology, counseling psychology! Psychology counselor upbringing program


A lot of seminars, ...

Color therapy, mind Fournet's, high performance, fashiriteta, art therapy, romance psychology, source full heart private supplementary school


Corporate ...

Mental seminar, ability development program


■Salon de Coco Shine

It is beauty treatment salon specialized in aging care for person who wants to repeat age beautifully.


●Thorough aging care program

●Mental and physical diet program

●Human stem cell beauty cosmetics produce