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Coco Shine CM










Oceanic Game idea

Let yourself be free

For sense of ... oneself

Own life produce ~


Necessary event happens in necessary timing

Therefore all has only thanks! (^-^)yo-ho






Oceanic Game business introduction



■Japan Psychology Academy

Coco Shine

We hold professional psychology counselor, education seminar of therapist in the basics in clinical psychology, the field of 2 of counseling psychology. We are performing periodical holding now in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Okinawa.


■Coco Shine Mental Therapy Club

We develop communication salon protected by confidentiality for person, feeling and person who wants to make directionality clear across person, hesitation and tangle that we want to arrange of thought who want to develop person having trouble, own talent.
It is reliable counselor, therapist whom our school authorized with responsibility.


■Beauty cosmetics produce

(Beauty Alchemist series)

We produced full-scale skin care that was particular about aging care thoroughly, detox oil for physical massage, inner care supplement.
It is product for the purpose of all products drawing natural beauty that the one has.


■Beauty salon

We develop beauty treatment salon, administration produce of nail salon and produce business of beauty foods.
We will pursue the beauty making use of material itself than the pretended made beauty.