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Greetings & company profile
Representative director Junko Asahina


㈱The Oceanic Game establishment
The same year The Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine establishment
2013 We establish "American corporation international psychology study foundation" in Hawaii
2016 Beauty salon franchise business start
The same year The beauty school Total Beauty Academy establishment
The same year 

In Los Angeles, the United States

The International Total Beauty Lab., Inc. establishment



Hello, it is Junko Asahina.
Thank you for having you watch Oceanic Game homepage.

At time when big revolution of the life happened, there was encounter with teacher approximately 12 years ago when we looked back.
I of that time stretched itself in uneasiness and sorrow at the full blast and I was stubborn and lived.
We do not want to do regret! We do not get away from things! We do not give up! We want to be defeated by nobody! We live with high will! We shot whip in heart that to was damaged.
We had encounter with teacher in such a case.

There are five treasure things which I got by encounter with teacher.

"Company name Oceanic Game"
Directionality became gradually clear and, in 2009 when we decided that we did company, decided company by flow of nature.
If it likens very large sea to connection of all humankind, and it is each us to have scooped with person spoon spoon from this sea, it is simple, and all is one.
It wants to be company to be able to try it is a pleasure, and how long we of person spoon taste the life how long in this world! There is the name to call very large game called the life OceanicGame with thought to want to be exhaustively idle.
This company name is important treasure thing which teacher gave to.

"Produce oneself for one's sense"
Which of the left hand and the left foot needs that we compare oneself with somebody next? Which is superior? Having the same o as asking.
We forget to be full of oneself given and doubt and.
We can become oneself to want to become.
We produce oneself on the faith of one's sense and will live without being going to become somebody except oneself.

"You gain Actress in a Leading Role Award, and walk red carpet"
If it is movie having one each person's life, none of us is the leading role. Camera begins to turn around if we prepare for my living as the leading role in oneself movie, and story develops.
In the times, I think that it wants to be actress winning Actress in a Leading Role Award Envy is the companion of honor.
We aim at walking red carpet in dress of VALENTINO with haute couture.

"We can open up the times"
Course that somebody reclaims and makes and put up is already the past.
I think that I want to live in now while fixing the eyes on the future than I live for past.
You make, and what do you put up? We are similar to sense to be excited about that we totally felt in childhood.
I wanted to know the truth of all this world and entered the world of psychology.
We wanted to solve a certain question question from childhood and searched the world of heart.
We are convinced that there is the answer in point moving forward.

"Prepare for one's life soon"
There is the best present which teacher gave to.
It was totally messy stone which we could not welcome for me very much without brightness. This stone polluted bag if in bag and injured accessories if we could enter pouch and was troublemaker who was going to throw away many times.
Whenever pick up stone, and look slowly and carefully; sigh.
We got hard in existence of stone and when we were exhausted, we rooted in my heart so much why and it was regrettable and has treated violently whether you showed presence.
Stone which we treated violently could reduce rotation steadily and noticed real identity of this stone slightly recently.
In fact, this difficult stone was diamond which I looked at in dream.
Brightness is still half-done, but thinks with it being to my proud jewelry walking red carpet when we finish polishing valuable diamond in the superlative degree on the earth.

We make a detour while being at a loss this and that and doubt thing which we believed and close heart without being accepted, and there is now when we arrived although there are twists and turns.
With the staff and friend to trust, it wants to continue being unconventional company enjoying evolution.


■Business outline / offer contents■


○Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine

[psychology school management business]

・Psychology counselor upbringing

・Psychology counseling


○Beauty school Total Beauty Academy

[beauty school management business]


Beauty salon FC group R three Division

[franchise business such as beauty salons]


○Clear Women Lab. Division

[woman entrepreneur community administration]


So-ten Division

[male entrepreneur community administration]


○Event seminar Division



 ■Company Overview■


Company name:   Oceanic Game

The head office location: 36-2-503, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Business outline:  1. Psychology counselor upbringing school management

       2. Beauty school management

       3. Beauty salon franchise business

       4. Beauty cosmetics development business

       5. Plan of seminar, the training and holding

       6. Various consulting services

The establishment:    September, 2009

Capital:   10 million yen

Representative director: Junko Asahina