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Manager mental health care

Toward the management

As part of approach to company mental health,
We give counseling specialized in mental health of manager.
The way of manager is just reflected as the role of company.
If manager enjoys with powerful, high wave lively,
Company affects the staff and business partner, the user with powerful, high wave, too.
State of oneself present makes company, financial condition of oneself, atmosphere, employee in the company.
At first all starts by fixing mental balance of the manager.
Mental; losing the balance,
It is in condition not to get harmony.
When things do not advance smoothly
When it does not readily lead to result
When we cannot see one's true intention
When we feel mental and physical disorder
When we feel tangle, conflict of human relations
It is time when we do not get harmony in such a case.
Harmony is gear itself.
If gear does not turn around, flow is delayed.
The making of company which gear that we got harmony goes around
Of manager is about to be mental.
In exchange for thing which is available for money and money
You must not lose thing not to be able to buy in money!
It is one of my favorite words.
Family cannot buy even if you can buy luxurious house if there is money.
You cannot buy at time even if you can buy high-quality clock.
You cannot buy respect even if you can buy position and honor.
You cannot buy heart of oneself important.
We take good care of important thing!
I think that I want to value very simple thing.
■Support contents■
About counseling contents, we carry out confidentiality thoroughly.
Including private problem, please talk about any contents in peace.
○Psychology counseling
○Personal session, workshop
/ talent to polish inspiration, potential display / relaxation
※We support as needed to be able to do the best performance.
■Amount of money■
○First orientation charges 50,000 yen (tax-excluded) /2 time
We make clear about directionality, improvement contents.
○Monthly basis advisor charges 200,000 yen (tax-excluded) /Skype, email, interview
Personal session and workshop support in Skype, interview.