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Male entrepreneur team SO-TEN


You attribute dissatisfaction of the life to another person and the world, and do you not get away from reality?

You attribute that there is not money to politics and country, and do you not ignore your own faults about oneself who cannot survive recession?

You compare oneself with somebody horizontal and are relieved to become uneasy and are proud of and are jaundiced, and do you not forget the true richness?

We spoil chain doing oneself tightly and want to confront if we live as birth, man as man!

We want to advance with sword of trust towards the true richness forward.


We charge through team SO-TEN toward the true richness in group with the same will.

We polish up man, and let's live in now.


           Male entrepreneur team SO-TEN daihyochohi*hiromechu


                                              SO-TEN Blog.



We try to think that we are already already dead.

Because we do not live anymore.


We abandon weir, sense of values that it continued producing in the life,

We make use of free originality,

We aim at the pure, powerful way.

[enrollment method & activity contents]


(enrollment method)

Enrollment fee \ 30000/ annual convention costs \ 12000/ moon fee 3,000 yen

There are five leaders in team SO-TEN.

■Five cars style star (Kikuchi A)

□Five car flame star (end Yoshiji)

■Five Kurumayama star

□Five car clouds star (Nozomi Marumo light)

■Five car starfishs (Makoto Nishihara male)

We can enroll by interview & invitation by leader at this each group.


(activity contents)

Monthly brushing up is held

Leader upbringing seminar (irregular holding)

Joint party & exchange meeting (we plan two times a year)

Matching business

We give business

Event holding

Charity activity

[membership benefit]

We present member's card to enrollee

Beauty treatment salon Rthree, nail salon Rthree endless 20% discount

Psychology counseling, various short-term seminars endless 20% discount

There are other privileges

◆Five car flame star

Representative end Yoshiji


We were born on this ground by chance and were brought up in this ground. We thank for it when very thankful.

We are Yoshiji at end.

Relationship is important. Luck is important.
We think that it is some kind of relationships to introduce in such a form with everybody here.
We want to do Okinawa in interesting place. We struggle every day when we want to acquire power to ride out global wave as individual.

We vent thanks and passion at every thing, this moment and moment
We want to race with such an intention for five years.

[favorite food]   It is sushi for the Last Supper
[favorite animal]    Dog, cat, rabbit (because we have kept)
[favorite KOLOR]   Black and white
[favorite place]    White sandy beach where setting sun was about to sink into
[favorite movie]    Field of dreams,
[my boom (hobby)] Subconsciousness, podcast, hulu, kindle
[favorite words]    The status quo is risk of maximum
[person to respect]    Takashi Higaki
[coming dream]   With doing Nago in the Japan's most pleasant place,

           We conduct a business in the Asia region based in Okinawa and unfold.

           Oh, we make a trip around the world with it.

◆Five car clouds star

Representative Nozomi Marumo light



Nice to meet you.

We claim to be Nozomi Marumo light of leader of azure sky, cloud.

We work as the vice-president of pro-media company.


Produce, advertising agency of magazine for wealthy people

puromoshonn of various high brands

Italian high-quality ship Japan media agent

Foreign-affiliated first-rate hotel media consulting

Oh, it is company performing which business.


We will establish new company by oneself in future,

Furthermore, we want to open up course.



It is free and, without models, can go forever.

And we always attract heart of person with a variety of beauty.

We think that we can make team such as such a cloud together.


While individual changes form freely, we color scenery called one sky together.

As leader of such team, myself am the way such as cloud, too,

We want to open human being called oneself forever.


Thank you in advance.


[favorite food]   Delicious

[favorite animal]    Animal of unit to feel love not kind

           As we were horseback, we like horse

[favorite KOLOR]   Color to shine in. Full color

[favorite place]    Good-natured place

[favorite movie]    Les Miserables,

           Wolf of Wall Street,

           007, description of higurashi no, Life Is Beautiful,

           Iron man

[my boom (hobby)] Search. One's artistry and sensitivity, the world truth

[favorite words]    We have courage to believe oneself most in the world

[person to respect]    Grant all true one's wishes

               Person whom we include

[coming dream]   Oneself become one's image of a human being to respect


Woman entrepreneur Club Clear Women Lab.



Nice to meet you, it is Junko Asahina of clear woman laboratory representative list.

I conducted businesses such as the "psychology school management" "beauty school management" "consultant" "lotion produce" "beauty treatment salon franchise headquarters" "nail salon franchise headquarters" blessed with many relationships as woman industrialist for approximately ten years and developed.

For these past several years, we often consulted for woman manager and came across vitality and potential of many woman managers and were impressed with stimulation.
Do you know that the way of the leadership changes as recent company, world movement? Movement as leader was Maine, but the leadership to help as fashiriteta attracts attention of the conventional leadership recently.
The leadership as woman called feminine leader begins to attract attention particularly in that.
Feminine leader is the leadership of femininity (take).

It was Maine "power" "competition" until now to have opened up the times. We think that it was necessary that there is place hard to pass and opens up the times, and to develop.
However, as a result, there were a lot of scholars of stained ability that lost sight of oneself, and lost place to stay.

Power to take brings up gentleness and security and changes heart of person.
Heart that changed affects the thought and leads to action.
The way as leader feminine as for me,
We do heart wealthily and feel when it is in clue that world harmony and resonance are born as.
We think that it is in time to review the way of manager in 2016.

In group with the same will, cooperate while developing nature as feminine leader through various events and plans in September, 2016, and improve; "woman entrepreneur club of perfection membership system! We formed clear woman laboratory.
With everybody, we want to open up the times newly.




"Fair sex - Shingen Takeda's flag slogan"
▪Like ︎ light yakanarukoto style
▪Like ︎ * tosurukoto forest
▪Like ︎ sinter yakatarukoto fire
▪Like Mt. ︎ Ketaka kikoto


▪"Everlasting bond" that is thought that we hid of ︎ diamond

We make dignified lightly, and cause we of deep bond will open up the times nobly gorgeously.



[reason why name of each group is diamond]

Etymology> of <diamond

a of adamazein of Greek to mean "thing which is not conquered is strong above all" or adamas (Ada trout) is removed, and it is said to diamond (diamond) that it was.

Because diamond is considered to be symbol of "everlasting bond", implication giving everlasting bond is included in giving diamond.

We clear woman laboratory established as bond named eternity to open up the times from "everlasting bond" that was thought that we hid of this diamond.

We make dignified lightly, and cause we of deep bond will open up the times nobly gorgeously.

[activity contents]


■Brushing up

Each member becomes charge once a month and does fashiriteta experience.

You talk about knowledge or suggestion, and express,

We enlarge field of vision and change experience of each person to wisdom.


■Party plan & holding

Plan dress codes such as formal, casual, disguise

We hold party passing to 100 people in all.

Content fluctuates by the occasional plan.

We invite guest and aim at interchange that it grows in various forms including charity event, and there is.


■Presentation meet

We plan presentation meet with each group.

We do presentation with pulling in customers, new business, land development as base and,

We plan the prize money and present in championship group.


■Event plan suggestion

You suggest party, festival, festival, business, and plan,

We realize activity that heaps up Okinawa, and is activated.


■Matching business plan & suggestion

Business setup new in all the members being entrepreneurs, and being president,

We show unexploited potential.

It is unknown what kind of business you develop into.



Clear woman laboratory is not entrepreneur, exchange meeting and study session of woman, president.

It is practical place connected to 100 memberships to limited pulling in customers and profit,

We realize pleasure, dream seriously and play inspiration,

It is place of experiment that vanished.


[enrollment method]


Enrollment fee \ 30000/ annual convention costs \ 12000/ moon fee 3,000 yen

There are five representative people in charge in clear woman laboratory.

■Pink diamond, ... representative person in charge pro-village Nana

□Yellow diamond ... representative person in charge Risa Tokumura

■Orange diamond ... representative person in charge Fukuda tomorrow

□Red diamond, ... representative person in charge Chinatsu Yoshimoto

■Blue diamond

We can enroll by interview & invitation by representative of this each group person in charge.



[membership benefit]


We present member's card and clear woman laboratory notebook to enrollee

Beauty treatment salon Rthree, nail salon Rthree endless 20% discount

10% of Clear Women Lab. participation shop discount

We can participate at seminar party member price

There are other privileges




Member introduction